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I am pleased to announce the only project of its type in the Americas.  

Waterworks vertical triple expansion steam engines were some of the largest reciprocating steam engines built anywhere for any purpose. A few remain scattered throughout North America today, the last working examples fell silent in the 1980's and since the time when the last one stopped, all of them have sat silent and cold. Some of these survivors are protected by museum organizations, but none of these have attempted to steam the engines they protect.
The only waterworks engine in the vertical triple expansion family to be restored to steam anywhere in the world is at the Kempton Park Steam Museum in West London, England. 

The page and fundraising effort will raise awareness of, solicit donations for, and post regular updates pertaining to the progress of the operational restoration of the Phillipsburg Waterworks Allis-Chalmers triple expansion engine. This project will be the first of its kind in North America, the first goal is to restore this engine to working condition and then to operate it on live steam at governor speed and using a rented portable boiler for public viewing, as well as educational and engineering symposiums. The second long-term goal will be to restore the building and the four original D. M. Dillon horizontal return flue boilers to run the engine with.

When the working restoration of the engine has been completed, it will be the largest working reciprocating steam engine in the North or South American continents.  


This project will occur in three phases. The first phase will be making the engine ready for steam by getting it mechanically serviceable. This will require fundraising to procure new metal to remake the six broken valve gear parts, repair the ice-damaged dash pot plungers, and obtain a high capacity centrifugal water pump to run cold water through the condenser cooling tubes.

Phase two will entail renting a portable boiler to be brought on-site to perform a steam test, and fundraising enough money to rent this boiler and pay for the fuel-oil it will burn. Once the engine has been tested and the inevitable teething troubles sorted, there will be several days where the engine will be run on steam at governor speed for public viewing. This will also be used to raise awareness and solicit donations for phase three.

Phase three will entail restoration to working order of at least two of the original steam boilers and all associated apparatus including feed water pumps, steam traps, exhaust flue, etcetera. The engine will be painted as well as all other things that require it. It will also include copious weather-proofing restoration of the pump house windows and doors, and re-wiring the original electrical lighting and switchboard systems.

In an era where too many of these large engines are surrounded by museum situations that put more emphasis on touch screens and interactive displays and overpay for architects to make the sites non-functional, we are focusing as strongly as possible on a pragmatic approach where the site is kept original and all apparatus therein is restored in working order and upkept as it would have been in it's working life, so it may be demonstrated operationally with interpretation as much as possible and can speak for itself. We are not seeking awards, any that come incidentally are welcome but the main focus must be the working of the steam engine. Besides being simply deeper and more interesting, inspirations for doing it this way can be found in similar preserved working engine houses throughout England such as Kempton Park Steam Museum, Clay Mills pumping station, The Ellenroad Engine House, Bancroft Mill, The Trencherfield Engine, Abbey pumping station, Mill Meece Pumping station, and several others.

The lead engineers of the project are Alexander Karnes and Philip Beard, who are directing the restoration and repairing the steam engine and related apparatus. All donations should be sent to the New Jersey Transit Heritage Center. (Caretaker of the site.) If you wish to make a donation, please PM or note me for details on the contact information for the NJTHC treasurer, and how to do it.


Mechanical Richardson six-feed oiler has been removed for service.

Much of the valve gear has been reconnected except for the parts that require service.

HP dash pot plungers and one IP dash pot plunger have been removed for repair. (The remainder still need to be removed.)

Two out of two broken steam arms have been carefully removed.

Overhead crane has been oiled, serviced and is now useable again.

Boiler smokeboxes cleaned out, further cleaning and washing out of boiler barrels with pressure-washer is required..

HP valve gear completely un-stuck and can now be moved by hand.

LP poppet valves unfrozen and moving again.

Engine has been barred over with minimal force.

Oil ports added to all back corliss valve covers so penetrant can be poured in.

Water rams disconnected. 

Original works drawings sourced.

 June 7th 2017; The 50 horsepower DC motor and its original starting and field rheostat control switchboard have been restored to operation under DC power from a rectifier. The motor can now be demonstrated to visitors.

June 8th 2017; IP dashpot plunger has been moved with hydraulic force, larger pump required to compensate for fluid loss to get it the rest of the way.  

A video of the DC motor test run can be found here!


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notwithoutmycamera Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
holy kittens!!!!

mechanic, engineer, designer, visionary, dreamer, artist

your gallery is like a trip into the vision of steampunk from the 20's

friggin' BRILLIANT work!  :clap:
PaxAeternum Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2017   General Artist
All I can say is thank you.  Although I would call what I do infinitely better than steampunk, it was the grand vision of engineering we had long ago for the betterment of all civilization through rational thought which sadly was stymied due to the world wars and other societal cancers.

Currently I am engaged in a project to make a steam engine operable again that when complete will be the largest working steam engine in North or South America with its only other running familymember being in Kempton, England.  Message me if you want details on how to support the project as I have got to make two new dash rods for it out of medium carbon steel as well as other jobs.   We are holding a tour of the place to benefit the project which is this sunday.
Ristiko Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
Your art is like polandball on crack 
PaxAeternum Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017   General Artist
I take this as a Compliment of the Severest kind.  Endless Gratitude to you and yours, including vehicles.
Ristiko Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017
My 2009 impala accepts, are those MSpaint freehand?
PaxAeternum Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017   General Artist
Yes, and with a mouse.
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NewHavenGeek Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017
when will you complete your New Haven animations?
PaxAeternum Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017   General Artist
I am not sure, but I will.

Have you seen my big one?  The one I did finish?
NewHavenGeek Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
no I haven't could you perhaps supply a link?
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